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Founded in 2006, is a business school admissions consultancy formed by INSEAD graduates. Since its inception, has rapidly become the premier MBA/B-school admissions consulting firm in Asia. Prep Zone Academy have evaluated and helped our clients getting into Stanford, Harvard, INSEAD, and other top MBAs around the globe. Want to see whether you are a good fit for a particular program? Let’s have a chat.

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Our consultants are graduates from top business schools themselves, and have worked with hundreds of candidates to get them into their desired programs.

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We will assess your profile, draft suitable admissions timelines, and assist you in every single step along the way.

100% Success Rate

Our track record speaks for itself - we help hundreds of candidates annually to get to their desired goals.

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If after following all our advice, you don’t even get an invitation to interview from any of your target schools, we refund your money in full. No questions asked.

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What, and why do I need an MBA?

MBA – or Master of Business Administration –  is a de facto requirement for career progression. Similarly, in many large corporations, an MBA is often the price for progression from technical/specialist roles such as technology, logistics, or accounting, to management positions.

Choosing a suitable program for your optimal career progression is difficult. Ensuring your profile is fully optimised for admissions, even more so. Our experienced admissions officers have worked with top institutions around the world. We possess a deep understanding of the admissions process, and we will optimise your CV to maximise your chance of admissions.

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We will manage your admissions timeline, agenda, and prepare your CV to optimise your admissions chance for your desired MBA programs

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We can evaluate your CV to determine whether you are a good fit for your desired MBA programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unsure about MBA/EMBA or about the GMAT, our FAQs section provides answers to common inquiries.

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“This would not happen without the tremendous help and guidance from the's team. Their help and guidance was outstanding and allowed me to focus on presenting myself in the best light. They have a vast amount of knowledge and experience on those most important components of the process.”

JaneAdmitted to Chicago Booth

“Special thanks, I must say, to the team who did an absolutely outstanding and exceptional job of helping me during this period. They were there whenever I needed and even giving up their own time when it came down to the wire over the last few days. I could not have gotten decent applications through if not for them, and I am extremely grateful. Absolute rockstar team who knows their stuff and can make any essay bloody interesting to read.”

MarcusAdmitted to UPenn Wharton

“I’ve gained admission into Chicago Booth ($40k scholarship) and MIT Sloan. Thank you,, for all the guidance that your team has given to me. Without your guidance, I would not have been able to achieve these admissions.”

Yao YangAdmitted to Chicago Booth, MIT Sloan

“ helped me to identify my “fit” to the shortlisted b-schools. Thereafter, it was a whirlwind couple of months consisting of one-on-one sessions and email exchanges for selecting my most pertinent experiences/re ections, essay critiques, and interview preparations. I shudder when I think how close I came to not applying, fearing initally that it was too tough for me to be admitted!”

HenryAdmitted to IMD

“My eventual choices were Ross, Tepper, Darden and Tuck. Darden’s offered a full scholarship though so going with that! A big thanks to for the advice and guidance throughout. I’ve highly recommended them to so many of my friends applying this year.”

YuvrajAdmitted to Dartmouth Tuck, CMU Tepper, UVA Darden, Michigan Ross