MIT Sloan’s two-year MBA program prepares innovative leaders to make sound and responsible management decisions based on a global perspective. Blending theory with practice, this flexible program allows students to create a curriculum best suited to their academic and professional needs and places a premium on real-world engagement.

The Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers these departments and concentrations: accounting, economics, entrepreneurship, finance, general management, health care administration, human resources management, industrial management, international business, leadership, manufacturing and technology management, marketing, management information systems, production/operations management, organizational behavior, supply chain management/logistics, quantitative analysis/statistics and operations research, tax, and technology.

Close to a quarter of Sloan graduates have gone on to become company presidents and CEOs, and some of the most notable alumni include Carly Fiorina, former president and CEO of Hewlett-Packard Co.; John Reed, former chairman of Citicorp; and Benjamin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel.

Tuition for the MBA program costs US$136,135 per year and financial aid opportunities are provided for applicable applicants. in 2019, 95.7 % of the MIT MBA batch graduated with full time job offers, with a median annual salary of US$140,000

Sloan is best known for...

Application Deadlines

Round 1: October 1 2019

Round 2: January 21 2020

Round 3: April 9 2020

Application Fee: $250*

*Free waivers offered to those applicable who submit the free waiver form 1 week before application deadline

Admissions Facts

 Program length: 2 years

 Acceptance rate (full-time): 17.5%

Average age of new entrants: 28

 Require standardized test: GMAT/GRE

 Average GMAT score: 727

GRE (Quant) Range: 156-168

GRE (Verbal) Range: 156-168

Require work experience: Yes

 Average work experience: 5 years


Season: 2020

1. Cover Letter

MIT Sloan seeks students whose personal characteristics demonstrate that they will make the most of the incredible opportunities at MIT, both academic and non-academic. We are on a quest to find those whose presence will enhance the experience of other students. We seek thoughtful leaders with exceptional intellectual abilities and the drive and determination to put their stamp on the world. We welcome people who are independent, authentic, and fearlessly creative — true doers. We want people who can redefine solutions to conventional problems, and strive to preempt unconventional dilemmas with cutting-edge ideas. We demand integrity and respect passion.

Taking the above into consideration, please submit a cover letter seeking a place in the MIT Sloan MBA Program. Your letter should conform to a standard business correspondence, include one or more examples that illustrate why you meet the desired criteria above, and be addressed to Mr. Rod Garcia, Senior Director of Admissions (300 words or fewer, excluding address and salutation).

2. Resume

Please submit a resume that includes your employment history and academic record in reverse chronological order. Other information appropriate to a business resume is welcomed and encouraged. (no more than 1 page in length)

3. Video Statement

Please introduce yourself to your future classmates via a brief 60 second video statement.  (This video will be used for application purposes only and will not be shared.) Videos should be a single take (no editing) lasting no more than one minute and consisting of you speaking directly to the camera. It is recommended for you to use QuickTime or iMovie to record yourself.

Additional Information (Optional)

Please provide any additional information you would like the Admissions Committee to know that may be helpful in evaluating your candidacy (i.e. choice of recommenders, areas of concern in your academic record, other extenuating circumstances, etc.). This information should be provided in a written format (200 words or less).

Letter of Recommendation

Season: 2020

MBA applicants must submit two letters of recommendation. Professional recommendations are preferred from individuals who are able to speak with certainty about your professional achievements and potential. Recommenders must submit recommendations online. Recommendations via email are not accepted. Recommendations may be in either letter or short answer format and should not exceed two pages each. Please note that recommendations from family members are not accepted. MIT Sloan utilizes the GMAC Common Letter of Recommendation form.

Recommender Questions

Please choose recommenders who are able to provide specific answers to the following questions:

  1. Please provide a brief description of your interaction with the applicant and, if applicable, the applicant’s role in your organization. (Maximum word count: 50 words)
  2. How does the performance of the applicant compare to that of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles? (E.g. what are the applicant’s principal strengths?) (Maximum word count: 500 words)
  3. Describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the applicant. Please detail the circumstances and the applicant’s response. (Maximum word count: 500 words)
  4. Is there anything else we should know? (Optional)

Admissions Verdict



“When selecting between highly qualified applicants, MIT looks for candidates with the potential to lead the next big thing, who approach problem-solving with innovative thinking.” Consultant2018

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